August 8, 2017

Content, Info Architecture, Taxonomy, User Research

As the executive editor for the Chicago Defender, one of my first projects was redesigning the website. It was quite an effort given the back end of the WordPress website was completely unorganized with tags being used as categories, content not easy to update and schedule, and photos improperly sized and featured. Not to mention, the front end was dated looking with no video and very few multimedia pieces. It took a little over a month, but I personally reorganized the back end so that freelancers could easily update, categorize, and tag the content. On the front end, I modified the CSS to make the website branding (colors and text) match the overall branding of the company and not random colors. And I added areas to showcase videos, polls, slideshows, and our new SoundCloud podcasts page. All at the same time, I was writing stories and a column.